Intensive kitchen degreaser

Are your kitchen surfaces dirty and greasy?

Whether you are staying in a small old house or a large modern house, it is essential to regularly clean the walls of your home, especially those of your kitchen.

Due to the fumes, the surfaces of the kitchen get fat quickly. Sometimes due to lack of time we postpone cleaning and this makes degreasing even harder.

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Fortunately, the STARWAX Intensive Kitchen Degreaser is here to make your work easier! Follow these tips and tricks to effectively degrease fat surfaces:

  • First, read carefully the precautions and contraindications to avoid adverse effects.
  •  To open, squeeze the safety detent while lowering it.
  •  Spray about 20 cm from the cold or warm surface.
  •  Leave on for a few moments and then clean with a damp sponge.
  • Rinse well and then wipe clean.

However, some recommendations need to be considered:

  • Do not use this product on hot surfaces, aluminum, waxed or varnished raw wood, painted surfaces, formica and any substrates that are contraindicated by the manufacturer to alkaline products.
  •  Use a test key to test the support for the product.
    At the right time! Removing stains will now be an easy task!

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