Combisystem Plastic Fan Rake XXL vario

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The GARDENA combisystem Plastic Fan Rake XXL vario is optimally suited for raking leaves, grass cuttings, aerated material and other garden debris on a large scale and in a time-saving manner. Practical: easy and fast, the Fan Rake can be divided into two parts for comfortable collection of the raked material. For space-saving storage, the Plastic Fan Rake XXL vario can be folded. The Fan Rake is made of high-quality plastic that allows long use. For stability, there is an integrated aluminium tube. The Plastic Fan Rake XXL vario is suitable for all GARDENA combisystem handles, whereby GARDENA recommends a handle length of 130 or 150 cm, depending on body height.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 54 × 23 cm



High Quality Plastic & Aluminium

Thickness (mm)



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