The 30-Day Zero Waste Challenge by Maita

The 30-Day zero waste challenge by Maita

Day 1: Reusable Bag 

Quick and easy, a lot of us are still doing this, right? Well, yes, if you’re not forgetting the reusable bags which often happens to me, I have to confess. However, I was strict for the sake of this experiment: no bag, no shopping.

To my utter surprise that actually worked out well. Any time I thought of shopping for food, the mental bell rang automatically: Take bags! I even went a step further and in other shopping circumstances like shopping for clothing or cosmetics, I didn’t ask for plastic bags either. I would admit this habit is easily manageable.

Day 2 : Drinking bottle

A year ago
I purchased a pretty reusable water bottle in
stainless steel . So far it has been pretty much unused, but I will be taking it with me every day during this
month with the purpose to reduce my consumption of
plastic .
 Take this little step with me to make our planet greener. 

Day 3: Reduce fast food

For me, this one was an easy win as I haven’t eaten fast food in a few months and I’m not planning to do so in the near future. But I have never thought about the perspective of waste from the boxes and wraps to plastic utensils, which we use for a  maximum of 30 minutes. Try to reduce the fast food trips as much as possible.

Day 4: Ditch the paper towel

For the most part, I use kitchen rags to simply wipe off the counter or wipe water. I only use paper towels basically if there is something oily or greasy involved and that’s very rare. It can be really handy, so try to keep one kitchen rag nearby.

Day 4:  Coffee routine – Bring Your Own Mug Or Brew Your Own Coffee

Ok, so it was big news to me that most coffee cups are not reusable. Or, technically, they might be, but it is quite difficult to clean them up.

I think this can be a lifestyle switch that is pretty simple. I have a great, reusable eco-friendly coffee mug, but I mostly drink coffee at home, too. Look around and there are great alternatives online for a reusable mug.


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