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All about bougainvillea

August 30, 2021

All about bougainvillea

This bush of the Nyctaginaceae genus is originally from Brazil. It can be planted in the ground in regions with a Mediterranean climate, but it will also bloom in pots. Exposure, fertilization, watering, pruning… Here are all the elements to take into account when planting and caring for bougainvilleas.

Where to place bougainvillea?

This climbing shrub has beautiful colors. Its leaves, called bracts, range from yellow to red to white, pink and purple while its small flowers are flawless. It can be installed in the garden or in a container.

In the ground:

Bougainvillea is a tropical plant that loves heat and enjoys an open Mediterranean climate. It does not tolerate temperatures below 8°C. Install it sheltered from drafts and wind, exposed to the sun, in a light soil decorated. Our advice: place it against a wall or at the foot of a support, such as a trellis on the terrace or an arbour, as its vines can reach 7 m in height.

In pots:

If there is a risk of frost in your area, bougainvillea will need to be grown in a pot. Take care to put a drainage bed (gravel, clay balls…) at the bottom of the container before placing the shrub in a rich soil and watering it abundantly. You can install your pot indoors in a humid and bright room or in a veranda or an unheated greenhouse.