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BEM Recycling

August 30, 2021

BEM Recycling

Espace Maison, in its desire to promote sustainable development, offers its customers recycling bins. This is the green gesture of the company, which has called on BEM Recycling, a company specialising in the management and recycling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste.

Recycling is good, but do you know what happens to your electronic products once they reach the end of their life? Thierry Malabar, Project Manager of BEM Recycling, says that some parts of the products are processed locally, while the more hazardous ones are sent to Europe exclusively for their traceability.

During the recycling process, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, rubber and glass, among others, are recovered. They are then recovered to become secondary material. Glass is crushed to be mixed with concrete or used as a filter element for swimming pool filters, while plastic is crushed into balls to make pots or containers for construction.

A new life

Batteries collected in Espace Maison shops are considered as dangerous products and therefore go to Europe to be recycled properly and in the right conditions. The battery is cut in half and the plastic and paper are recovered for reworking. The other products, such as minerals, including nickel, will be reused to make batteries.

Recycling gains momentum

It is with great pleasure that Thierry Malabar says that since 2019/2020, there is a clear increase in the number of customers who turn to BEM Recycling for the management of their electronic waste. Of course, recycling fees can be problematic for some, but there is a real willingness among Mauritians to do the right thing. Moreover, the sinking of the Waskashio and the ecological disaster that followed have accentuated this feeling. It is time to roll up our sleeves and fight for the future generation.

In fact, BEM Recycling will soon be setting up educational sessions to explain ewaste recycling to children, as they are a great transmission belt. After all, they are the ones who will live on tomorrow's planet. So, the watchword is to recycle, knowing that a landfill in Mauritius has almost reached saturation. Secondly, recycling allows us to use raw materials, such as plastic, which is the basis of oil. So instead of digging under the ground, let's use the materials that are on the ground. Pretty ingenious, isn't it? Let the planet breathe with Espace Maison and BEM Recycling.