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6 tips to decorate your Christmas tree like a PRO

December 05, 2022

6 tips to decorate your Christmas tree like a PRO

It's the most beautiful time of the year, and you're already excited about decorating your Christmas tree. As the centrepiece of your home during the holiday season, you probably want it to look its best. With a vast selection of Christmas decorations available at Espace Maison, you are sure to find what you are looking for. The choice will be difficult, you've been warned... Since we are in contact with Santa Claus this year, we give you 6 tips to help you decorate your Christmas tree like a PRO!

1. Buy a quality Christmas tree

Christmas is fast approaching! You should start by buying a Christmas tree. Some people prefer natural trees while others like artificial ones. Whatever your choice, focus on quality. Our advice: go for a high quality artificial tree. Since they are more durable, you will be able to reuse them every year. You will find different sizes, types and styles to buy. There is something for everyone so that everyone can find the Christmas tree that best suits them!

2. Choose a colour code

Choosing the right colour code is the basis of your deco. But deciding on colours to decorate your Christmas tree can be a real struggle. There is such a wide range of colours available today, some prettier and more striking than others. Red and green, traditional association or brown and white for a more natural and sober look, how to choose? We suggest that you choose a theme before choosing your decorations. Any colour is allowed, just choose the colour code you like!

3. Find a nice place to put your tree

Once you have chosen colours, the next step is to find a nice place to put the star of the holiday season, your Christmas tree. Make sure the space is big enough to put all your decorative items and gifts. Indeed, don't forget the gifts! The living room is obviously the room of choice, but it's up to you depending on the space you have available. The key is that your tree is welcoming, warm... and magical!

4. Start by putting up the lights first

The most important rule: put up your lights before anything else! Hang them from the top, it will be easier. Otherwise, this task will be a bit complicated after you've put up your decorations. And for an even distribution, step back to make sure your lights are set up properly. For a pro Christmas tree, we recommend intertwining your lights and garlands directly into each branch instead of going around. It takes a little more effort but it's worth it. Let there be light... on your Christmas tree!

5. Time for the decorative elements

Now it's time to place your Christmas decorations. Between garlands, snow globes, ribbons, socks, Christmas figurines and other glittery decorations, it's easy to get lost. Just be careful! Don't be tempted to put a little bit of everything. Remember, the goal is to have a professional Christmas tree!  For a coherent look, take into consideration the colours and the theme you have chosen beforehand. Also, play with the different shapes and sizes of baubles. Alternate shiny and matte balls... the whole thing should be harmonious at first glance.

6. Finish with the topper of your choice

A Christmas tree without a topper is not a complete tree! A topper is the best way to complete the look of your Christmas tree. Remember to choose the one that best fits your theme, colour code and the proportions of your tree. Traditionally speaking, stars and angels are the ones that belong atop your tree. But for a more modern-chic look, opt for other alternatives that are easily found in-store.

And there we go, we hope these tips will help you create your own masterpiece like a pro this Christmas. Imagination is your only limit, so give yourself room to be creative. But keep in mind these tips for a Christmas tree like a pro. Let the magic of Christmas happen!

Merry Christmas and happy decorating!