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Déco Ciré : Bring a sophisticated touch to your home - Espace Maison


February 22, 2023

Déco Ciré : Bring a sophisticated touch to your home

Decorating the house with fresh creative features is always a good idea. Interior design expresses the way you feel and live. That's why it's great to be on the lookout for new decorating trends. Have you ever heard of waxed concrete and its advantages? Synonymous with elegance and modernity, Berling's Déco Ciré, available at Espace Maison, has been popular for several years now. Let's take a closer look at this modern decorative element that has everything to please.

What is Déco Ciré?

Déco Ciré is a magical product, a decorative cement-based coating with a thickness of less than 3 mm. It can be applied anywhere: on the ceiling, on the floor and even on furniture, without removing the existing coating. The finish of choice for your interior decoration projects, Deco Ciré is characterised by its excellent adhesion, mechanical qualities and waterproofing properties.

  • Unique floors and ceilings

    Both raw and delicate, Déco Ciré enhances your floors and ceilings. Opting for waxed concrete floors means choosing high resistance to wear and tear, anti-slip finishes and durability. Moreover, Déco Ciré is easy to maintain. As for the ceilings, you have a multitude of possibilities to redecorate them! The variety of colours will not leave you indifferent. You should also know that there are several types of Déco Ciré, suitable for different environments. Basically, Déco Ciré is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces!

  • Refined walls

    If you love clean interiors, waxed concrete will be your best choice! Our arguments? Elegance and unparalleled beauty. The wall covering makes every room even more spacious and elegant. If you are convinced, choose the right Déco Ciré to make your walls even more attractive than before! If you prefer a minimalist or industrial look, you can use Deco Cire Grey 5 kg!  This decorative coating guarantees excellent results. Other colours are also available, so make your choice and give your walls a new life!

  • Scenic staircases

    Add a touch of modernity to your stairs with Déco Ciré! Yes, we told you, it's everywhere. Its raw appearance adapts to all styles of decoration: contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian, country chic, bohemian and more. Are you already dreaming of an all-white staircase covered in waxed concrete? We have just what you need! Give your staircase a new look with Deco cire white 5 kg which will do the trick. Aesthetic and practical.

  • Chic and trendy furniture

    Have you ever thought of giving your furniture a stylish look by using waxed concrete? This all-purpose coating also has the power to transform your furniture! Give your cupboards, tables, chairs, kitchen furniture or even your office a makeover. Several colours with different finishes are available. How about a coffee table in Déco Ciré to enhance your decor? The advantages of this product: versatile, resistant and... too trendy!

  • Elegant rooms

    Create unique spaces with the  Berling range, which offers different colours and a quality finish. More fashionable than ever, Déco Ciré is now available for all the rooms in your home for a chic and sophisticated look! Go for a walk-in shower with black Déco Ciré on the wall... and why not on the floor too? A total waxed concrete look! Or accentuate the brightness of your living space with waxed concrete on the floor. For a wall of character in your bedroom, Deco Ciré is what you need. Basically, you won't get enough of it!

A true decorative ally and ideal covering, this magical product was designed to personalise all surfaces. So let yourself be seduced by this exceptional material, and create a charming and stylish interior! So, if you're ready to transform your home, go online or to one of Espace Maison's shops.

Happy decorating!