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Espace Maison - Inspirations - Get ready for summer with our inflatable pools!


February 06, 2023

Get ready for summer with our inflatable pools!

Summer has been in full swing for a few months now, and you want to cool off in your garden. Have you considered investing in an inflatable pool? This type of pool is very popular. Inflatable pools come in many shapes and sizes. Cheap, space-saving, easy to install and easy to use, these devices have become interesting alternatives to please both children and adults.

Why buy an inflatable pool?

An inflatable pool has several advantages:

  1. A pool for small budgets: There is no need to break the bank to enjoy swimming with your family in your garden. An inflatable pool is the cheapest of all pools. Depending on the size and shape of the pool you wish to purchase, the price will vary.
  2. Inflatable pools are quick to install: large self-supporting pools can be set up in a few hours at most, while smaller ones can be inflated in less than an hour... and no professional help is needed.
  3. Easy to maintain: If you are sceptical about cleaning a walking pool, don't worry! The inflatable pool is easy to clean. With the help of a filtration kit, your inflatable pool will be as good as new!
  4. Easy to store: The inflatable pool takes up very little space. It can easily be stored in a corner of your garage or in a wardrobe. Once the water and air have been drained from the pool, let it air dry. Fold and collect! Easy, right?
  5. It makes children happy: Definitely a good reason to invest in an inflatable pool. For many families, buying a swimming pool is first and foremost a way to please their children. They will be able to enjoy this unlimited entertainment during their weekends or holidays.

Which inflatable pool model should I choose?

Most inflatable pools are round, but you can also find square, rectangular or even octagonal models. Espace Maison offers you different models of above ground pools that may be suitable for you.

Inflatable pools are divided into 3 main groups:

  1. The small pool for babies and children: this is a small pool designed exclusively for babies and children. Ideal for introducing or getting your children used to water during the summer (under the constant vigilance of an adult, of course).
  2. The classic inflatable pool: classic but practical! This time it can be found in a round or square shape. In addition, it often has an extra play area for children.
  3. The self-supporting pool: this type of pool is available in a wide range of sizes and heights, suitable for both children and adults. The whole family can therefore enjoy it. It has a large volume, which makes it very practical.

Find all our pool models HERE.

Here are a few tips to enjoy your pool to the fullest:

  • Choose a model with a reinforced bottom;
  • Install your pool on a flat surface without any roughness;
  • Remember to cover your pool with a pool cover after each use to protect it
  • Regularly check the quality of the water to avoid the invasion of algae and bacteria;
  • Empty and clean the pool thoroughly from one season to the next;
  • Always supervise your children when they are in and around the pool.

So enjoy a mini swimming area in the comfort of your own home with the inflatable pools available at Espace Maison. Children will be delighted and parents happy... all summer long!

Have a good swim!