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How to take care of your garden in summer

November 16, 2022

How to take care of your garden in summer

Summer is here and the temperature is rising, so it's time to put on your gloves and get gardening! There's no better time to be outside, surrounded by nature, than during the long, hot days of summer. Gardening is not that complicated, you just have to know what to do and when. So, on your marks, get set? Get gardening! Discover here our tips for a pleasant exterior for this summer season!

Clean with the right tools

In order to properly maintain your garden, it is essential to have the right tools and equipment by your side. Even if you already have basic tools, like a rake and shovel, it might be time to upgrade your arsenal. Having the right tools can save you a lot of hard work and make your life much easier! For example, if you want to keep your lawn looking great, nothing beats an adjustable rake. And why not invite your children to share some family time in the garden? There are plenty of kid-friendly garden tools just waiting for them.


A green and attractive garden is what you want! You don't have to wait until the end of summer to prune your beautiful plants. It's natural for leaves to turn yellow or start to wilt in the heat. While the damaged part of the plant can cause stress to the plant's health, it is important to remove the dead foliage to keep your plant healthy. This also helps prevent water loss through transpiration. With basic gardening supplies such as hedge clipper and pruning shears, you'll prune efficiently and neatly for a good job in the garden!

Water efficiently

With the arrival of the summer months and rapid plant growth, water demand is at its highest.  Providing your plants with adequate watering at this time of year is therefore essential. However, while watering may seem simple enough, there are a few important rules to consider. First, water at the right time of day and the best time to do this is early morning. Or early evening if you are short on time in the morning. Then water the soil, not the leaves! Also, get a standard sprayer or a quality hose if you have a lot of plants. And finally, don't overwater, as this could be harmful to your plants and seeds.


Goodbye to unwanted guests in your garden! Weeding, although rare in summer, is essential. So get rid of dead flowers, dead leaves and weeds with a weed grubber! The #1 enemy of your plants, weeds compete with your plants for nutrients, space and water in the soil. Be sure to remove any weeds that grow to keep your plants thriving throughout the warm months.


Summer is also a great time for composting. Composting keeps plants, especially fruit-bearing and flowering ones, hydrated and healthy, in addition to watering. In addition, you can easily make compost at home or purchase organic compost. An Eco Master composter can be a great help in this process. Higher temperatures speed up the composting process. That's why placing your compost bin in a sunny area of the garden promotes efficient composting.

Now that you know how to garden efficiently in summer, you're ready to take care of your plants like a pro. Espace Maison has selected for you tools worthy of a professional gardener. From quality gardening gloves to shovels and rakes, find what you're looking for among a wide variety of equipment. Keep a nice green spot all summer long with our tips.  See you gardeners soon for some good gardening therapy!