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After sales service

August 30, 2022

After sales service

After-sales service is at the heart of Espace Maison’s customer excellence policy to ensure that you are completely secured for your purchases. For products purchased in stores, the after-sales service will ensure the maintenance or repair of the equipment at all times.

With this in mind, the after-sales service takes care of all the maintenance or repair of the products. It also records all the services and then reports them to the quality experts in order to continuously improve the quality of the products.

In-store after-sales service only supports warranty products from other brands.

SAV offer

Members of « Club Espace Maison » will benefit from 10% discount on after-sales service which is open 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm with the presence of a technician (except Sundays – see the usual opening hours of shops). Small repairs and maintenance are done on the same day.
 Chain sharpening and availability of chains tailor made for all kinds of jigsaw.

Respect the deadline

Because breakdowns never come at the right time and you must always prepare yourself, Espace Maison is committed to repairing your product as quickly as possible. If your product is fixed and cannot be moved, we can also lend you one while we repair the other.


No bad surprises! We will perform a full diagnosis of your equipment and conduct a free evaluation of all products during the warranty period. You can check the relevance of the warranty at any time by contacting the customer service of the shops.

Supervisor team

Our technicians are trained to deal with all types of breakdown and master the latest hardware technologies. Our workshop is specially equipped with tools to diagnose products returned to our after-sales service. We also work with all authorized repairers of major brands.

Our service

Our technicians are ready to provide you any maintenance need and spare part orders. All these services will be carried out directly in our workshop. Do not hesitate to contact your store for the detailed prices of our various discounts.

Spare parts search

Espace Maison and its partner UBP offer a wide selection of spare parts to repair your equipment